Navin Goyal, M.D.

Educating + Inspiring Underdog Leaders

Navin Goyal, M.D.

Educating + Inspiring Underdog Leaders

Author of Physician Underdog
Co-Founder & CEO of LOUD Capital
Co-Founder + Board Member of OFFOR Health
Co-Founder of Beyond Physician

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Physician Underdog

After many conversations similar to the ones that I have described—with so many people saying that what I shared was inspiring them to think bigger, or differently, or just surprised them enough to think out of the box—I felt it would be helpful to collect the content of my conversations and stories into a book, with the hopes to impact and inspire others, and hopefully inspire a few people to think on a broader scale. Despite my medical background, my life mission has changed.
While still very much a medical professional, my mission now is to reach out and share with others in my field innovative ways to fulfill their goals, satisfy their ambitions, and be of service. This book is one step in fulfilling my goal. I hope you enjoy what I am sharing and that it makes you think a little differently. I hope this information inspires you to explore endless possibilities in the spirit of making the world a much more positive place. There can never be enough positive things we read or hear about, and I hope I have added one more thing to your list.

Bringing the Hippocratic Oath into the field of venture capital and entrepreneurship

Physician Underdog

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The Cost of Not Moving Forward

Many feel stuck where they are. Unmotivated by their career and unable to move forward into something new. The problem is, your expertise and perspective are what we need to solve the worlds biggest problems. But you're not sure where to start.

I started as a full-time medical professional, and I know what exhaustion, burn-out and frustration can feel like. Especially when a passion for other endeavors starts to billow.

The world needs your insight. Let's start moving forward today.

  • You stay stuck in your career
  • Your potential for your career is not realized
  • You miss opportunities to improve your world
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Where Do I Start?

Everyone's got to start somewhere.

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10 Things Every Medical Student Needs to Know About Entreprenuership

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I talk to medical students all the time about their aspirations and dreams for the future...and they always have questions. This guide is your first step in getting those answers:

  • How did you take the leap from practicing physician to full-time entrepreneur?
  • What is a typical day for you in venture capital?
  • How did you educate yourself about this new space?
  • Any many more...

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10 Common Questions From Medical Students about Entrepreneurship

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Get answers and insight into some of the most common questions we receive from medical students and professionals on the world of venture capital and entrepreneurship. Just some of the questions you'll see:

  • What is the compensation comparison between the two?
  • What was the transition like?
  • Were any of your MD skills transferable?
  • How did you educate yourself?
  •  How do I evaluate prospective investment opportunities?
  • And more...

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